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Service & Repair Terms & Conditions

Any item left with us is  subject to a £40.00 non refundable deposit,   ( minimum fee £20 by agreement ). which is redeemable against the final cost of repair. This is non-refundable and covers our costs in assessing, storing and looking after your unit to prepare your quote to repair your product.  we do not quote for small jobs of less than £70 unless agreed with the customer, we will just do the repair/service and let you know its ready. However, an unexpected large bill will be avoided by a quote and we will contact you if we feel that the job is an expensive one.  that means more than £70 parts and labour
A quote to complete your repair will then be prepared and you will be contacted to approve this.
If we have to order specialist parts to complete the repair to your unit, we will prepare an estimate for you to approve, and may ask for payment to cover the parts. Generally this is done by telephone but in any instance we are unable to contact you or leave you a message we may write to you advising you of the estimate to complete your repair. (Please remember that when replacing parts, it is possible that a unit may require multiple parts, this may not become apparent until the first parts have been fitted and your unit tested, meaning we may need to revise your initial estimate for your approval).

Once an estimate is accepted a repair will normally be completed and ready to collect within our target of 5 working days (providing that spares are readily available and received with no delays). Any estimate that is given will not be changed without warning; however receiving an estimate is not a guarantee that the work can be completed.
Following the issue of an estimate, if we receive no communication within 30 days, we will contact you a second time in writing. If we again receive no response within 30 days, we will write to you a third time, if a further 30 days elapses with no response we will issue a 14 day disposal notice after which the equipment will be disposed of with no further advice.
If the estimate is refused, you will have one of two options;
• you can elect to collect  the unrepaired equipment or,
• you can authorize us to arrange disposal of the equipment
Any balance to be paid upon completion of your repair must be paid in full before collecting your unit. This can be done in the store you are collecting your repaired unit from. Any parts used to repair your product will remain the property of Relics until you have fully paid for the completed repair. A 90 day guarantee will be given on the work carried out upon the successful completion of a repair: effective from the date of collection. This guarantee only covers the work carried out to affect the repair of the item, not the whole item against other unrelated faults occurring.