Relics vintage audio & vinyl

Classic hifi, radios and records from the 20th Century

Design classics, mid-century rarities & collectible vinyl. Hifi service & repairs.
Central Bristol store.

Classic Hifi

We trawl the world for rare and wonderful equipment and on the way we also find some oddities and some great value pieces as well.

Open Wed to Sat  11am to 6pm  (5pm Sat)

Xmas & New Year Close Sat 22nd Dec 3pm

back Thurs 3rd Jan 2019


Rock and Roll, Motown, Prog Rock, Punk, Reggae......

You name it, we probably have it - and we're happy to buy it from you as well

Service & Repairs

We can service and repair most record players and amplifiers from early British valve devices to 80's Japanese power amps.  £40 deposit . Minimum charge £20.

We do mechanical and electrical fixes but not bodywork.

However, CDs and other digital devices are beyond us